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These new and well-researched series of Agricultural Science for Junior Secondary Schools, Books 1, is based on the new and re-aligned National curriculum for Basic Education as designed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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Based on that curriculum, one that has as its main focus, “employment generation, skills development and self-reliance posture,” and on four stipulated broad themes in the curriculum, the series focus on such specific topics as Forms of Agriculture, Farm Tools and Equipment, Animal Husbandry, Soil Conservation and Animal Parasites and Disease causing organisms, all designed to reinforce students’ knowledge of the basic concepts of Agriculture and overall agricultural business.

Each chapter in the three series, opens with a broad definition of the subject under review and ends with class and outdoor activities, designed to drive the points studied home. Thereafter, there is also at the end, a short exercise of questions which should revise the details studied in the chapter under review. In addition, a liberal use of illustrations has been utilised, even though this is not to be taken as a replacement for actual farming activities which are highly recommended through the series.

In preparing the series, our collective experience as serving school teachers came into play. The special training seminar where modalities for manuscript preparation were outlined, style of writing defined and the essence of focusing primarily on the Nigerian experience and background presented, came in quite handy.

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    • Importance and Forms of Agriculture Details Unlimited
    • Classes and uses of crops Details Unlimited
    • Classes and uses of farm Animals Details Unlimited
    • Methods of Weed and Pest Control Details Unlimited
    • Factors of Agricultural Production Details Unlimited
    • Simple Farm Tools Details Unlimited

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