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These specially produced TANUS Christian Religious Studies series for Junior Secondary Schools have been produced to reflect the revised curriculum on the subject as prepared by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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In keeping with the broad objectives of that revised curriculum, which sets out to ensure that the early teaching and learning of the subject is, “Bible based, Christ centered and related to life’s experiences,” the series cover a wide range of topics and themes which guarantee that the subject matter “embraces moral and righteous living in society.” Such topics and themes include the meaning of God and creation, through Christ’s life, His ministry, teachings, crucifixion and resurrection, to the beginnings of the early Church to the present, including the life and the teachings of the Apostle Paul.

In writing the series, care has been taken to ensure that the carefully selected and suggested class activities enhance the teaching materials in a way that practicalises the materials within the context of everyday life. For instance, the broad theme of Relationship with God and Man in human society, leads on to such related topics as obedience, disobedience, repentance, and so on, interspersed  with specific examples taken both from the Bible and daily human lives and experiences.

In preparing the series, my experience as a serving college teacher came into play. The special training seminar where modalities for manuscript preparation were outlined, style of writing defined and the essence of focusing primarily on the Nigerian experience and background presented, came in quite handy.

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  • The birth of Jesus Christ Details Unlimited
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  • The baptism and temptation of Jesus Christ Details Unlimited
  • Sermon on the mount Details Unlimited
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  • The passion of Christ Details Unlimited
  • The death and Burial of Jesus Christ Details Unlimited
  • The Resurrection and Appearance of Jesus Christ Details Unlimited

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