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These new and well-researched series of Computer Studies textbooks for Senior Schools are based on the new Curriculum as developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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In recognition of the demands of senior secondary school work, the broad topics treated here go beyond the broad fundamentals of computer system and devices to such specific areas as the development and application of software, hardware, input and output devices, development of problem solving skills, computer programming and even word processing methods and applications.

Accordingly, Book 1 introduces these broad topics in a manner that builds on the knowledge acquired in Junior secondary school. These details are reinforced in greater depth in Books 2 and 3, with emphasis on practice and demonstration. This explains, in part, why every chapter in the three series ends with extensive practical exercises and sometimes, out-of-classroom activities. It is also instructive to note that care has been taken, in keeping with the directives of the curriculum, to relate the knowledge acquired in the series to the concrete realities of a globalised, ever-changing technologically dynamic world.

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    • WAEC-Recommended-Text-Books-for-Computer-Studies-1 Details 00:00:00
    • Memory Unit Details 00:00:00
    • Logic Circuits I (Standard single logic Gates Details 00:00:00
    • Logic Circuits II (Alternative logic gates) Details 00:00:00
    • Computer Data Conversion Details 00:00:00
    • Concept of Computer Files Details 00:00:00
    • Handling Computer Files Details 00:00:00
    • Systems Development Cycle Details 00:00:00
    • Programme Development Details 00:00:00
    • Algorithms and Flowchart Details 00:00:00
    • BASIC Programming II Details 00:00:00
    • Internet Details 00:00:00
    • Electronic mail (Email) Services Details 00:00:00

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