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These new and well-researched series of Creative Arts for Junior Secondary Schools, Books 1, is based on the new and re-aligned National curriculum for Basic Education as designed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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Cultural ad Creative Arts for Junior Secondary Schools is a three-book series written and designed in total conformity with the contents of the Nigeria Educational Research Development Council's (NERDC) curriculum for the 9-Year Basic Education programme.

The books are written along three basic themes: arts and crafts, performing arts and entertainment, and customs and traditions.

Arts and Crafts discusses the meaning of art, division and categories of art, origin and historical development of art, elements of design and Nigerian Art in both traditional and contemporary terms. It further treats crafts such as collage, mosaic, origami, beadmaking, batik, pottery, tie and dye, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, woodcarving, leather, metal and calabash works, typography, package design, lettering and graphic designs; and takes the students through the step-by-step processes involved in these crafts.

Performing Arts and Entertainment discusses the theory of music, the fundamentals of music, ear training, the art of listening, the art of singing, creating music, playing musical instruments, solfa notations value and the uses of music.

Customs and Traditions lays emphases on moral virtues and good value system in society and treats such topics as self-control, patriotism, teamwork and unity.

Interspersed with beautiful illustrations that aid learning, each book also contains suitable questions and activities that are introduced at the end of every chapter. The accompanying students' Workbook for each year will assist teachers in their assessment of students' achievement while the Teachers' Guide will help to further equip the teachers.

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    • Arts(Nigerian and Contemporary Art) Details Unlimited
    • Craft(Motif, Exhibition, Lettering, Batik work) Details Unlimited
    • Music(Uses Of music, Creating of music) Details Unlimited
    • Drama(Development of rural Communities, opportunities for career dramatists) Details Unlimited
    • Dance(Process of choreography, Prospect of studying dance in Nigeria) Details Unlimited

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