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These new and well-researched series of Economics for Senior Secondary Schools (Books 1-3), are based on the latest and current curriculum as developed jointly by the Comparative Education Study and Adaptation Centre (CESAC) and the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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In strict compliance with the broad objective of this post-basic Economics curriculum, one which seeks to respond to a turbulent world economic reality, the series seek to sensitise students to sound economic principles and concepts and situate those principles within the framework of Nigeria’s own economic challenges. Implicit in this approach of presentation is another broad objective of the curriculum, that of presenting Economics as a living subject with everyday practical relevance, while also preparing students for future careers in the discipline.

Accordingly, the first two titles are based on certain broad themes, among them, Principles of Economics, Economy Systems, Nigerian Economy, Financial Institutions and Regulatory Agencies and money and Inflation matters. In Book 3, building on the themes in the earlier classes, such detailed themes as Comparative Economics, Development Economics and Applied and Contemporary Economic organisations are introduced. But always, great care has been taken to ensure that examples have been taken from the Nigerian and African environments to drive home the parts being made. It is also instructive that each chapter ends with trial questions preceded, of course, with a short summary of what has been taught and learnt.

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    • Concept of Demand and Supply Details Unlimited
    • Theory of Cost Details Unlimited
    • Market structure Details Unlimited
    • Migration of population Details Unlimited
    • Industrialization Details Unlimited
    • Agriculture Details Unlimited
    • Element of National Income Details Unlimited
    • Public Finance Details Unlimited
    • Other Financial Institutions Details Unlimited
    • Money Value of Money and Inflation Details Unlimited
    • Supply, Demand and value of Money Details Unlimited

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