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These new and well-researched series of English Studies for Junior Secondary Schools are based on the new curriculum as developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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tBased on the desire to “restructure and realign the existing primary and junior secondary school curricula” to meet our broad national developmental targets and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), this integrated JSS English series, seek, through specific examples and practice sessions, to emphasise communicative competence. Accordingly, the series tackle not only language deficiencies, but also language proficiency necessary for performing adequately in other subjects and skills.

Essentially, four key areas in the study of English language are adequately covered in the series. The first area is that of language development, through the development of the two inter-related skills of speaking and listening. The second of the sections covered are the very inter-related areas of Reading and Writing, which in turn cover word interpretation in context and grammatical accuracy. There is the third section on Literature and its three genres of prose, poetry and drama. In each of the series, practice sessions have been provided, based on the assumption that proficiency in the acquisition of language, but particularly the English language, thrives best with extensive and intensive practice. Finally, of course, each chapter ends with practice exercises and evaluative questions that are designed to excite the pupils’ interest.er full description of the course.

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