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These new and well-researched series of English Language for Senior Secondary Schools (Books 1-3), are based on the revised Curriculum as developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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Relying extensively, for instance, on reading exercises that deal with topical and current issues, students are exposed to simple, sometimes, even complex usages of different writing types, such as, expository, argumentative, descriptive and narrative writing. Also, vocabulary development has been emphasised through the exposure of students to different and various word types, such as, synonyms, antonyms, modifiers, idioms and even foreign words in the English Language. Each of the different chapters of each of the series ends with a revision section and also a practice section by way of a specific assignment to further drive home the points learnt.

In preparing the series, our collective experience as serving school and college teachers came in handy. Also, the special training seminar which was organised by the publishers, where modalities for manuscript preparation were outlined and the style of writing defined, was most useful.

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