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These revised and well-researched series of Mathematics for Junior Secondary Schools are based on the new curriculum as designed and developed by the Nigerian Education Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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Cognisant of the importance of mathematical literacy in an increasingly digital age, emphasis has, again, in compliance with the curriculum, been placed on quantitative reasoning to help boost the cognitive capabilities of students and enhance their knowledge of mathematical processes. Furthermore, simple and realistic examples of mathematical problems that are based on the evaluation guides in the curriculum have also been included as further guide.

In chapter after chapter, and in strict adherence to the stipulated thematic approach of the curriculum, six different themes were covered, namely, Number and Numeration, Basic operations, Measurements, Algebraic process, Geometry and Mensuration and Everyday statistics. Yet, great care has been taken to ensure that the materials and illustrations presented are simple and realistic, without being abstract or above the level of the students. Each chapter ends with exercises that are designed to test what has been learnt. This approach also seeks to provide adequate aid to teachers through evaluations and time-frames.

In preparing the series, our collective experience as serving school and college teachers came into play. The special training seminar where modalities for manuscript preparation were outlined, style of writing defined and the essence of focusing primarily on the Nigerian experience and background presented, came in quite handy.

The general format and presentation adopted for the series should enable students to benefit greatly from the subject matter.

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    • Whole numbers Details Unlimited
    • Factors And Multiplication Details Unlimited
    • Binary Number System Details Unlimited
    • Fractions Details Unlimited
    • Estimations Details Unlimited
    • Approximation Details Unlimited
    • Decimal Numbers Details Unlimited
    • Arabic Expression Details Unlimited
    • Arabic Expression Details Unlimited
    • Arabic Expression Details Unlimited
    • Plane Shapes Details Unlimited
    • Solid(three dimension) Details Unlimited
    • Geometrical Construction Details Unlimited
    • Angles Details Unlimited
    • Need For Statistics Details Unlimited
    • Mean, Mode and Median Details Unlimited

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