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These new and reversed series of Health Education for Junior Secondary Schools (Books 1-3), are based on the revised National Health Education curriculum as developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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Essentially, materials for these introductory series on Health Education for young pupils, are based on three broad themes, namely, First Aid and Safety rules, Personal and Community Health and Food and Nutrition. In all, there are some 16 topics covered in all the six volumes. While Books 1-3 introduce the broad topics discussed, Books 4-6 reinforce and expand on the areas covered in earlier titles.

To ensure that young and impressionable pupils come to grasp with the topics, we have deployed colourful illustrations and diagrams throughout the series. Also, each chapter ends with suggested classroom and outdoor activities that further enhance the knowledge acquired.

In preparing the topics and materials for the series, care was taken to ensure that examples were drawn from the local environment, while also ensuring that current global implications of health issues were highlighted. We are convinced that the format and presentation of the series should enable young pupils to benefit greatly from the subject matter.

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    • Pathogens Diseases and Their Prevention Details 00:00:00
    • Family Health Details 00:00:00

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