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This new and well-researched series of Physics for Senior Secondary Schools is based on the revised curriculum as developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). A major objective of the revised curriculum is to expose students to the basic, everyday application of the principles and concepts of Physics in a creatively enhanced manner that also prepares the students for future careers in the sciences. With that in mind, these series are based on a thematic approach that thrives on experimentation and problem-solving activities, while also covering a wide range of topics from the Interaction of Matter, Space and Time, Conservation Principles of Physics, Energy Quantisation and Duality of Matter, and Waves, to the place of Physics in contemporary Technology. Each of these themes is treated in each of the three Books, over an average of well-illustrated, eighteen chapters. In keeping with the stipulated objectives of the curriculum, the spiral approach to the content organization has been adopted, which means that the themes have been further broken down into modules, with emphasis on experimentation, discussion, and problem-solving. In preparing the materials and topics for this book, care was taken to ensure that examples were drawn from the local environment, while also ensuring that global trends in the study of Physics are also highlighted. I am convinced that the format and presentation of the book should enable students to benefit greatly from the subject matter.

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